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April 8, 2018 - John 3 “Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?”

John's followers really took offense to people starting to follow Jesus. Their focus was on their leader (John), but they weren't really understanding his message. John had always pointed everyone to the coming Messiah, but John's followers were missing that John was saying "Here he is!"

Mar 25, 2018: John - “God’s Authority”.

Jesus ran moneychangers out of the temple. The amazing response of people around this event was not about whether it was just...but rather, what authority did Jesus have to do this. Are you allowing God to have authority in your life?

Mar 18, 2018 - John 2:13-17 “Make Way For Worship”

In this passage Jesus comes to the temple to find that "junk" had invaded and had taken over from the real intended purpose for the temple. Sometimes our own lives get in that same condition: junk invades and takes up the space that should be reserved for God, worship, and encountering the very presence of God. Join us as we walk through this passage.

John 2:1-12 — “Water Into Wine” - March 11, 2018

In today's passage we see Jesus do His first miracle, a creative miracle. There is a tremendous parallel between this creative miracle that Jesus does and what happens to believers at conversion / salvation. Learn about these parallels today in our continued journey through the Gospel according to John.

Feb 18, 2018: John - Wk 1

Week 1 of our new series on The Gospel Recorded By John. Join us as we dive into understanding how this book differs from the other three Gospels, why it was written, and the great theological statements that John makes from the start.

Jan 8, 2018: Prayer - It’s For Everyone.

Prayer isn't just for those you love, care about or consider friends. Prayer is bigger than that. Prayer is for everyone.

Nov 6, 2017: “Being Thankful During Suffering”

There's a drastic difference between saying someone should be thankful "for" suffering (which we are not doing) versus seeing how we can be thankful "during" suffering. At some point in life we all suffer, to varying degrees. But God will still empower us to experience thankfulness even during the intense challenges life can throw our way.

Oct 15, 2017: “Stir Up The Gift”

There are many things that have been placed into our lives, yet sometimes they are lying dormant. Just like a fire, stirring the embers can bring a new blaze to these things. Be inspired to stir up the gift of grace in your life today.

Oct 1, 2017: “God Is Working In Me”

Our world sometimes gets to spinning so fast that we simply run from one thing to the next, never really seeing that God is at work in our lives. Today's message reminds us to slow down and see that God truly is working in us...we just need to look to see it.

Sep 24, 2017: “Challenged By God”

When was the last time you were truly personally challenged by God and His Word? We're talking about a REAL challenge. A challenge to change. To become something more. To experience exponential growth. This message will ask you to think on this and open yourself up to being challenged by God.