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Jan 20, 2019: Believe - Offering My Time.

Here's a reality: most of us are pretty busy. Here's another reality: most of it is a choice. Today we need to challenge ourselves to consider whether it is "our time" and God gets some of it, or is it God's time and He should direct all of it? And if we determine that it is God's time, what things does He ask us to spend the time on? Dig into that with us in this message.

Jan 13, 2019: “Believe: Spiritual Gifts” part 2 of 2.

Talents vs. spiritual gifts: what's the difference? And are spiritual gifts things that don't show up in the daily life of the average Christian unless they have that particular spiritual gift? We tackle these and other questions today as we wrap up our two week look at spiritual gifts.

Jan 06, 2019: “Believe: Spiritual Gifts” part 1.

Spiritual gifts; lots of folks talk about them. Some folks abuse them. Some folks totally misunderstand them. Some folks avoid them. But regardless of where you stand regarding spiritual gifts, and regardless of whether you have studied them much or just totally ignored them...they're still there. The question is "What is God's view and God's plan regarding spiritual gifts?" This is what we dive into in part 1 of our review of spiritual gifts.

July 1, 2018: “An Obedient Heart”.

Hey...listen up! Yeah, we've all had someone tell us to stop and listen, or focus and listen. Even God wants us to stop and listen to Him. But when we listen, do we find ourselves then being obedient to what God tells us?

June 24, 2018: “But God…”

Life throws us a curve, but God. Our job takes a bad turn, but God. Our health does downhill, but God. Our finances seem headed for a crash, but God. There are lots of things that don't go our way, but God has something to say about all of them. He steps in, He leads us through the dark moments, He upholds us in our moments of weakness. Life happens...but God does too!

June 10, 2018: “When God Shows Up In An Unexpected Way”.

We often ask God to show up in our lives, jobs, relationships, homes, and other situations. But we also usually have an idea in our head of what we think that should look like. What if God shows up in an unexpected way? What if it doesn't look like, sound like, or feel like what we thought it would? That's what we talk about in this message today from John 6.

June 3, 2018 - John 6:1-15 “Believing Without Seeing”

5 loaves. 2 fish. One Savior. Like us, Philip struggled with being able to grasp that Jesus was able to do something miraculous. So many times we also struggle with believing without seeing. But God works in the realm of the supernatural to effect the realm of the natural where we function in this physical life.

April 8, 2018 - John 3 “Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?”

John's followers really took offense to people starting to follow Jesus. Their focus was on their leader (John), but they weren't really understanding his message. John had always pointed everyone to the coming Messiah, but John's followers were missing that John was saying "Here he is!"

Mar 25, 2018: John - “God’s Authority”.

Jesus ran moneychangers out of the temple. The amazing response of people around this event was not about whether it was just...but rather, what authority did Jesus have to do this. Are you allowing God to have authority in your life?

Mar 18, 2018 - John 2:13-17 “Make Way For Worship”

In this passage Jesus comes to the temple to find that "junk" had invaded and had taken over from the real intended purpose for the temple. Sometimes our own lives get in that same condition: junk invades and takes up the space that should be reserved for God, worship, and encountering the very presence of God. Join us as we walk through this passage.