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June 14, 2020: “All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind”.

We live in a world where people are wrapped up in things they are passionate about. But do we properly understand how we are supposed to be loving God, and what it means to do so with our heart, soul, strength and mind? What does that look like in our world of social media? How do we move past being "informed" to being "transformed"? Those things and more are what we dive into today.

May 17, 2020: “The Keys To Being Set Free”.

Keys are used both to unlock and to lock things. Jesus tells us that He gives us several keys that I believe many Christ-followers fail to recognize they have. Today we address some powerful thoughts about the authority Christ gives us regarding: death, hell, the grave, and His kingdom.

Feb 23, 2020: “What It Looks Like To Love Like Jesus”.

Our Anniston community has spent the last two weeks embroiled in controversy regarding a possible homeless shelter, and then the possibility of the CDP sheltering victims from a cruise ship identified as infected with COVID. It has blown up social media, with hostility, fear, anger, and genuine concern on full display. In the midst of all this we find an opportunity to ask the faith community a question: What does it look like to love like Jesus? You see, Christ-followers should be approaching situations like these from God's perspective, regardless of what the best answer turns out to be. It's far less about which solution becomes the end result ... and it is much more about how we demonstrate the love and compassion of God in the process. Today we take a look at what the Bible says about how we should get our "starting point" of perspective when it comes to those in less fortunate situations than ourselves ... whether financially, emotionally, relationally, or any other way.

Jan 19, 2020: “When I Don’t Know What To Do”.

Life sometimes presents things that put us into situations where we honestly don't know what to do. Yes...we know the right spiritual answers, but our feelings are yelling "I don't know what to do" because we want to SOLVE it! 2 Kings 19 and 20 give us examples of what Hezekiah did when he was faced with two of these situations. Join us as we learn from these examples. And stick around to the end for a little bit of unexpected worship blending a song based on Psalm 3 with some spontaneous worship as well.

Jan 12, 2020: “Even So” - John 11:21-22

There may be things in your life that seem dead: dreams, hopes, relationships, jobs, future, etc. But we can learn a powerful truth from a statement Martha made in John 11 after her brother, Lazarus, had died. Yes...God could have stopped something from occurring...but "even now". Join us for a powerful reminder of the eternal power God has that does not stop when things "die" in our lives.

June 6, 2019: “Holy Spirit - 2″.

Many people don't understand the gifts in 1 Cor 12, haven't studied them, or maybe have been "scared away" from them because of what they have been taught. Today we dive into just looking at what scripture says about them. And we end by praying "God, whatever you have for me, I want to receive."

June 2, 2019: “Filled With The Holy Spirit: Part 1″

Being filled with the Holy Spirit. What does it mean? What does Scripture say? What are the different belief systems within Christianity about the gifts of the Spirit and whether they are in operation today? This is part 1 in a short series that takes a look at these questions and more. While this will certainly not be the "end of the discussion" for people who stand on one side of the debate or the other, this IS a sincere and studied effort to share what we believe God's Word says and how that applies to Unity Point.

May 26, 2019: “Filled With Zeal”.

This message was a powerful challenge and call for us to abandon the lesser things that demand our attention, and to return to a fervent love...zeal...for the things of God. We must have zeal for worship, the Word, prayer, and other things of God in our personal lives before we will see our churches change, and then our communities change.

Feb 17, 2019: “Believe - Joy”.

Joy is critical for the spiritual life. In fact, Jesus goes so far as to define two types of joy that can be present in us: 1) HIS joy, and 2) OUR joy (as seen in John 15:11). But why is joy important? What does it do for us, and how do we have it? Join us today as we dig into some powerful insight onto how the joy of Christ flows over into our joy.

Feb 10, 2019: “Believe: Love”.

What does it mean to love like God loves? This is important to know because our love for one another is how people will know we are His disciples. But what does it look like to love one another as Christ loved us? Join us today as we see ways that Jesus loved people, and as we dig into the reality that how we love others demonstrates what we believe about the love Christ has for us.

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